About Us
China Logistics Group Co.,Ltd.

China Logistics stems from the integration of five companies: one is the former China Railway Materials Group Co., Ltd., and the other four from logistics industry under China Chengtong Holdings Group Ltd: China Materials Storage&Transportation Group Co., Ltd., CTS International Logistics Corporation Ltd.,China Logistics Co., Ltd and China Packaging LLC.

It has introduced in three strategic investors: China Eastern Airline, China COSCO Shipping Corporation Ltd and China Merchants Group., closely coordinating in strategy. Hence, China Logistics is an integrated logistics SOE group with equity diversity under direct supervision and management of SASAC.

Our Business
Comprehensive logistics service cluster
Business Positioning
Our focus is on deepening integration with the manufacturing industry and commercial trade industry. We aim to ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain. By enhancing investment and resource integration in special needs logistics, coldchain logistics, hazardous goods logistics, bulky shipping, and emergency logistics, we aim to establish ourselves as the preferred logistics service provider on a national level.
Integrated Supply-Chain Service Cluster
Business Positioning
Our goal is to transform into an all-in-one integrated supply-chain service provider. We aim to enhance our capabilities in providing services and creating value. By building a supply chain with a competitive edge, hand in hand with our clients, we strive to offer comprehensive functions such as purchasing and supply, warehousing and transportation, and processing services. Our focus is on the fine and deep development of featured goods and niche segments, enriching our service content and extending the service chain.
International Logistics Service Cluster
Business Positioning
We aim to gather resources domestically and strengthen the extension and expansion of our domestic business. Our objective is to provide integrated solutions for international logistics, facilitating the movement of raw materials and finished products. By doing so, we act as a key driving force in promoting domestic circulation and contributing to the dual-circulation strategy both at home and abroad.
Integrated Service Cluster of Logistics Facilities
Business Positioning
Our focus is on advancing the acquisition, investment, and development of core logistics facilities such as logistics parks, airport facilities, sea ports, and dedicated railway lines. We aim to strengthen the quality of facility operation and management, laying a solid foundation for our network. This segment serves as the strategic basis and core profitable segment for our capital operation and asset management in the future.
Ecological Logistics Service Cluster
Business Positioning
We seize the opportunities presented by technological reforms and adjustments in the industrial chain in related fields. Our goal is to upgrade packaging, logistics technology, supply-chain financing, and logistics equipment to achieve a high-end, intelligent, green, and service-oriented development. We aim to expand and lengthen the service chain while improving both technology and profitability.